Adventure Day: Celebrating Dads with Handmade Uchiwa Fans!

Adventure Day at Heroes International School was filled with creativity and love as we celebrated an early Father’s Day with all our classes. The Empyreans, Emergents, Canopy, Understory, and Land classes came together for a special crafting activity: making uchiwa fans dedicated to our amazing dads.

Each child created a unique fan, drawing or pasting a face of their dad on one side. The older kids enjoyed drawing detailed and imaginative portraits, while the younger ones had fun pasting origami pieces to form their dad’s face. On the other side of the fan, they added their own pictures and heartfelt messages like “#1 Dad.”

The room was abuzz with excitement and concentration as our little artists worked diligently on their masterpieces. The joy and pride on their faces as they held up their finished fans were heartwarming.

This Adventure Day was not only a fantastic creative experience but also a beautiful way for the children to express their love and appreciation for their fathers. We can’t wait to see the dads’ smiles when they receive these special gifts! Happy Father’s Day from Heroes International School!

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