C how Fun Phonics is?!

This week in our P1/P2 class with Teacher Lawrence, we had an exciting lesson in phonics! Our little learners are still getting used to phonics class, but everyone did an amazing job. We started with the lively ABC Dance, which got everyone moving and grooving while learning the alphabet. Then, we sang the Phonics Sounds Song, helping us to recognize and remember the sounds each letter makes.

Our focus this week was on the letter ‘C.’ We had fun pointing at the letter ‘C’ on the paper and practicing its sound. To make the lesson even more engaging, we did some colorful activities. The students enjoyed coloring and tracing the letter ‘C’ in their textbooks, which helped reinforce what they learned.

It was wonderful to see the enthusiasm and participation from everyone. We’re off to a great start with our phonics journey, and I can’t wait to see how much more we’ll learn in the coming weeks!

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