Celebrating Tanabata! A Magical Event.

This week at Heroes International School, we celebrated the enchanting festival of Tanabata with all our classes. The excitement was palpable as children, along with teachers, donned beautiful yukata and jinbei for the special occasion.

Tanabata, a cherished tradition in Hakodate, involves walking around the neighborhood and singing the Tanabata song. Our School adds a unique twist by singing the song in English. The children practiced eagerly, their voices blending harmoniously as they mastered the lyrics.

“Let’s Celebrate Tanabata Star Festival
Hang your wish on Bamboo
Will you give me a candle, please!”

When the day arrived, we set off on our neighborhood walk, the children singing the Tanabata song with enthusiasm and joy. The streets of Hakodate came alive with our little singers, their colorful outfits adding to the festive atmosphere.

As we visited the neighbors, our young adventurers were delighted to receive snacks at each door. The kindness and generosity of our neighbors made the day even more special, filling our bags and hearts with treats and happy memories. Then we came back to the school and the festivities continued indoors.

Celebrating Tanabata in this way not only honored a beautiful tradition but also brought our community closer together. It was a magical day of culture, music, and joy that we will cherish forever. Happy Tanabata from Heroes International School!


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