Play time upgrade!

Last time we wrote of the beauty and the fun of playing while learning, honing our skills at cutting, arranging objects, sharing with our classmates, and even practicing writing.

Our signs of progress have been steady, and we are so proud!

Some of our highlights have been:

  • Learning how to sit correctly before playtime, and waiting for our classmates to come and join us.
  • Arranging a variety of objects tidily as well as functionally to be moved around without falling everywhere (finally we can keep those trays FLAT).
  • Utilizing puzzles to practice color names, shapes, and vocabulary words.
  • Counting objects while pulling them in and out of containers.
  • Becoming familiar with the names of all the animals in our Lego set when they are called by our teachers.
  • Learning the names of the yummy fruits we cook in our kitchen and sharing them with our teachers.

By spending time with our classmates, our play sessions are becoming more fun and exciting, as we learn from each other and involve more of us in our plays.

Car races and cooking are definitely more thrilling when done with our friends!


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