Water Play! – Adventure day – Land and Understory

Summer is finally here, and the days are indeed getting hot!        

We try to keep cool by drinking lots of water during the day of course, but there is another way, which is truly so much fun, to use water when is hot: water play!

Adventure Day this week was a big Splash Party, where we all enjoyed the cool water and learned how to use new toys (fishing is way more complicated than we thought!).

One of our favorite ways to play was filling big bottles with colored blue and pink water, and learning how to use smaller cups to carry it over. Even if our pouring technique needs some refining, it didn’t stop us from enjoying the game with our schoolmates!

It was so interesting to see them fish the colored plastic fish out of the bucket, and then line them all up in big cups! They even had a water mill toy we got to try and use: it spun so so fast!

For those more adventurous there were also floating balls to collect, big round marbles to retrieve from the depths of the big blue tubs.

Some were hesitant at the beginning, but we ended up all having fun, staying cool, and playing with everybody in a cohesive fun way!

What a great way to enjoy a summer day.

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