A Smashing Good Time!! – Canopy, Emergents, Empyreans

Welcome to Heroes, where we had a splashing good time this week with our watermelon smashing activity! Let’s dive right into the exciting adventures we had.

Today, our class focus was on a unique and enjoyable activity – watermelon smashing! The children were filled with excitement as they gathered around to witness this entertaining event. With giggles and cheers, they eagerly waited for their turn to join in on the smashing fun. 

Before the smashing began, we took some time to talk about watermelons and how we eat them. The children were curious to know how heavy our watermelon was, so we all took turns trying to lift it! It was, as you can guess, quite heavy!


Armed with bats, blindfolds, and enthusiasm, the children took turns smashing watermelons. We spun the children around and needed to direct them to the watermelon so they could successfully smash it! “Go straight! Turn Left. Turn Right! Turn around. Back up! Smash!!!”


We took some time to check between smashing to check if the melon was cracking.


After everyone had a few tries with and without the blindfold, Lawrence had a turn with the heavy-duty bat, and the watermelon was obliterated!

Finally we all got to enjoy the fruits of our labor, some delicious, cool, juicy watermelon! YUMMY!


Best regards,

Lawrence Canopy Class Teacher

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