Adventure Day: Easter Egg Hunt!

This Friday was filled with adventure, new friends, and a sea of colorful welcomes at our school, as we finally strolled into more spring-like weather. 

We warmly welcomed three new friends into our group, who joined our K1, P2, and P1 classes, followed by some yummy snacks after lunch which we all loved!

After lunch, it was finally time for our Adventure Day activity to begin! We launched ourselves in the Easter Egg Hunt with high spirits and board smiles. We also had special gear on us: the super cute chick baskets we made in art class on Tuesday. 

Once at the park, we followed clues, searched high and low, and unearthed a bounty of colorful Easter eggs! Teamwork was key as we helped each other find hidden treasures. But the real prize was the joy of discovery and celebrating spring together.

We learned and laughed, and played under the blue sky until it was time to return home and show the prizes, to our families. 

We had so much fun!


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