Birthday Bash at Heroes International School!

This Friday’s Adventure Day was extra special at Heroes International School as we celebrated the birthdays of two of our young heroes! Everyone came together in a joyful union of games and giggles, marking a double birthday bash that brought endless smiles and cheers.

The festivities kicked off with a heartwarming tradition—presenting the birthday students with a beautifully framed card, along with thoughtful gifts that lit up their faces. The room echoed with the harmonious rendition of “Happy Birthday,” sung with enthusiasm and joy by everyone.

The party games were the highlight of the day, starting with the thrilling “Hot Potato,” where laughter bounced around as the ‘potato’ was hurriedly passed from hand to hand. Next was the “How’s the Weather Game,” which turned into a delightful exploration of weather and wit. Our little meteorologists enjoyed guessing the weather, making it a playful learning experience. Lastly, the classic cakewalk had everyone on their toes, circling to music and eagerly hoping to land on the winning card when the tunes stopped.

It was a day of lively spirits and cherished memories at Heroes International, where every Adventure Day is a journey of joy and learning!


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