Father’s Day Art class Land&Understory

Father’s Day is fast approaching and what better way to spread the love for our dads out there than write them a hand-painted card! So, this week, for our Art class, we set to work and got our supplies ready.

Three different color paints for some extra fun, some stunningly bright green aprons to protect the clothes mum personally chose for us (no extra laundry, thank you!), our blue cards, and of course the main tool for painting: our own fingers!

We were all so curious, looking at those empty white bowls, wondering what would happen, but as soon as the teachers poured the paint in, we could not wait any longer. It was time for some fun!

Which color to begin from? Hot pink? Indigo blue? Deep green? Too many choices! Luckily the teachers were there to show us how to choose one color after another and helped us make our fingerprints-cards look beautiful as well as unique.

As our fingers turned more and more colorful, we grew more confident and bolder, to the point some of us even went full-hand printing!

We cannot wait to show our dads what we made for them and tell them how special they are!

Happy Father’s Day!

Roberta Zuccarello

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