Canopy Class week of June 12th

We’re having a very exciting week in Canopy Class! This week is packed with lots of activities and learning. Let’s dive right into some of the key things we’re doing this week!

Field Day Practice: With Field Day coming up in September, we spent a lot of time practicing different games and activities. The children showed their enthusiasm and energy as they ran, jumped, and cheered each other on. We practiced the relay race, marching, and chanting:

“Field Day, Field Day. Let’s Have a Field Day! Field Day, Field Day. How do you feel today?!”

Phonics Letter E: In our phonics class, we are focusing on the letter E this week. We learned about its sound and how it is used in different words. The children were so excited to explore words that start with the letter E. We played the slap game and we learned about what an ‘exit’ is. The children were very excited to go searching around our school to find our own exits! The children are making huge progress in writing, and are excited for more. Great job, Canopy Class!

Father’s Day Art: With Father’s Day approaching, we decided to create some special artwork to celebrate our amazing dads. Each child was given some paper to create their masterpieces. They let their creativity flow and colored beautiful pictures for their fathers. Then we used a stencil to paint a heart on the other side of the paper. Finally, we will write a loving message to dad when everything is dry. We know that their fathers will be overjoyed to receive these thoughtful gifts.

Key Phrase: “I have a…” During our Circle Time this week, we introduced a new key phrase: “I have a…”. We had a mini quiz to try and guess what was inside the kids’ bags. We saw some unexpected things like candy and an electric handy fan! They practiced using complete sentences, saying things like, “I have a Hello Kitty umbrella,” or “I have a black and white cap.” It was fantastic to see their language skills develop and their confidence grow as they shared their personal belongings with their classmates.

The week isn’t over yet, but we’re already looking forward to the adventures that the coming week will bring. We will continue practicing for Field Day, exploring new phonics letters, and creating more amazing art. Thank you, parents, for your continuous support in making our classroom experience memorable and engaging.

Have a fantastic rest-of-the-week Canopy Class families, and we’ll see you all next week for more fun and learning!

Best regards,

Lawrence, Canopy Class Teacher

We love the ABD Dance!


Phonics Time! Let’s play a game to get to know the letter E.



Our handwriting is starting to look fantastic!


Let’s practice for Field Day!


We are trying very hard!


In science this week, we tried using things to push and pull a block without touching the block with our hands. It was tricky but we never gave up! Look mom, no hands!

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