We Made our own Pom Poms! – Canopy

Welcome to Canopy Class, where we had a fun-filled week of art and creativity! Our focus in art this week was on making pom poms, which was a delightful project for our little artists and athletes!

We explored different colors as we made our very own pom poms using colorful string. The children used their fingers to shred the string. It was amazing to see their personalities come to life as they crafted their very own pom poms.

Not only is the month of June sports themed, but we also have Field Day coming up in September. So it was the perfect oppurtunity to do a sports themed crafts project!  We will try to incorporate our handmade pom poms into our activities for Field Day.

The children had a blast dancing and cheering with their pom poms, adding extra excitement to art class. We were so proud of our Canopy Class students as they showcased their colorful pom poms when they were finished making them.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue our artistic adventures. Wishing you a fantastic week, Canopy Class families, filled with creativity and fun!

Best regards, Lawrence, Canopy Class Teacher

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