Lunch Time Fun! Land and Understory

We are learning so much every day at school, running around, dancing, and playing, so it is no surprise that we get hungry. But look, it’s finally Lunch Time!

We want to go and quickly grab our lunch bags, and start as soon as possible, but wait! First things first: let’s wash our hands and wait for the teachers to clean the tables.

Everybody is very good at laying out their cute clots, and colorful bottles and even at opening their cutlery cases. The teachers are so proud!

What yummy surprise will be in our lunch boxes today? We can’t wait to find out, and so we try to have a sneaky peak under the lids, but the teachers help us be patient and wait until all of us are ready to go.

Finally, it’s time. “I’m ready! One, two, three! Let’s eat!”

Lunch looks so delicious, and the more we eat the yummier it gets. Everybody is showing their own style: some like to go slow and steady, a sip of soup every now and then and even using chopsticks, while some go all in, with big bites, powerful chews, and gulps of miso soup to wash it all down.

The teachers are our best assistants, as spoons are somehow still a mystery, and we need someone to show us how it is done, so we don’t resort to using our hands. Rice is so sticky!

Once our bellies are full, it is time to clean up, put everything away and jump straight into playtime!


Roberta Zuccarello

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