We’re ready for some badminton! – Emergents & Empyreans

As the sporty month of June comes to an end, us Emergents and Empyreans are gearing up for some intense badminton playing! But you may be wondering, “How are you going to play without any rackets or badminton balls?” Well, no worries about that. We’re going to make our own!

On Tuesday for art, we got ready to prepare for our badminton playing. We started out with a nice, blank paper plate ready for us to unleash our imaginations on. We used crayons to draw out our creative designs.

Once satisfied, we got the racket handles taped on securely. With that, our colorfully decorated rackets were finished! 

But wait! There’s more. We couldn’t forget to make our own badminton balls!

Using a piece of light sponge, glue, and a lovely handful of feathers, we created them with future badminton battles in mind.

And after all our efforts, we’re ready to play some badminton! Look out as we show off our impressive skills with our original badminton sets.

Liz, Emergent & Empyrean teacher

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