Learn as you play!

There is plenty to learn at school, even in the most unexpected places.

Every day, we diligently sing, dance, draw, and learn about English in a fun way along with our teachers, but we also love our playtime afterward.

From doing puzzles to launching ourselves into wobbly car races, as well as assembling the cutest creations with Legos, time flies by in a whirlwind of fun.

But this is not where it ends! As we set up tea parties for our teachers and friends, we have also learned how to arrange our yummy treats neatly on the plates, and we are becoming quickly skilled at cutting fruits and vegetables for our soups and salads!

Those knives might be a bit tricky at the beginning, but some assistance is always close by, and cooperation is the key! By helping each other we can see ourselves improve so much faster, it’s great!

Another one of our favorites are those big shiny markers the teachers use to write on the whiteboard. They fly so smoothly and are so colorful!

If given the chance, you can be sure to find us there, at the whiteboard, challenging our hands, with an extra sprinkle of abstract drawing, in writing and tracing letters and numbers.

It can get a bit tight but luckily, we are so tiny we can all fit in. We are getting so good at sharing!

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