Tanabata time!!

With the days getting warmer and brighter, so did our spirits, as we got ready to celebrate the star festival of Tanabata, at our school.

The teachers helped make it extra special with fun activities, delicious snacks, and even gifts for us!

During art class, we also made our own bags.

Then on Friday, the weather being super nice even if a bit too hot for our liking, the festivities began in full.

Everybody showed up dressed in traditional clothes, multicolored yukata twirling in shades of pink, red, blue, and green… we were all super cute!!

  to make it even more special. We loved to decorate them and put our personality into them.


It was soon time to set off into our adventure: let’s go to look for some gifts and treats!

We walked and walked in a nice line and well spirited until our destination: a nearby shop where we sang them a song in a big voice and were rewarded with delightful surprises. Thank you, everyone!

The fun was so much we needed a rest, so once back to school we cooled down and had some yummy lunch until it was time for part two: let’s make our very own star-shaped card to go along our wishes!

With the teacher’s help we hung them from our very own bamboo branch, and it looked stunning! We can’t wait to do it again next year.

Happy Tanabata!

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