The beauty of Phonics! Land and Understory

Every day we come to school we learn about many different topics in many different ways which makes it fun, and we remember it so much more easily!

Phonic time is especially interesting as we sing, dance, read, write, and play games!

We get to learn new words with colorful cards and the teachers sometimes help us even more, with cute drawings on the whiteboard. We will definitely remember “Helicopter” now!

The ABC dance is clearly a hit among everybody, and we dance to its tune first, after which we play the “find the correct card” game. We are so good at it now, and the teachers are nothing short of amazed at how fast we are making progress! 


Lastly, it’s writing practice of course, and what better way to keep us focused on it than by using all sorts of colored crayons or pencils! Tracing, letter recognition, writing: we go full immersion when it comes to phonics!

The teachers are also helping us learn how to properly hold crayons and pencils, as that can be tricky right? So many fingers, going in so many different places!

Let’s grow our skills and vocabulary even more!

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